CRM Software Services

Satina is a supplier for custom CRM software development equipped with backend industry acumen. We implement an analysis of businesses and help customers choose and apply the CRM that best fits their business plans and objectives. Satina, with our extensive experience in installing and migrating industry leading platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Zoho, SugarCRM, Siebel, OrangeCRM, Quickbooks and SAP for smooth CRM integration, will be your best choice of CRM software developer.

CRM Migration Solutions

Seamless Migrations
On Premises CRM to Cloud CRM
Database Migration
CRM Upgrades
Legacy System
Source Data Extractions
Website Migrations
We Ensure Data Integrity

CRM Integration Services

Unified Functionality
Automation Software Integration
Content Management Integration
Drupal Implementation
Custom API Development
Enhanced Prospect Tracking
Effective Content Marketing

CRM Extension and Plugin Development

Customer Data Hub
Third Party UI Mashups
Custom Made For Your Business
Email Plugin Development and Customization
Browser Extensions
API Extensions
Web Portal
Social and Mobile

Custom CRM Solutions and CRM Software Services


Custom CRM software development and custom features that are provided by Satina will extend CRM automation as well as functionality. These help optimize your customer lifecycle journey and experience with customer facing CRM application development for loyalty programs, membership management, gifts/offers management, and others.


Satina’s proficient experts program CRM analytics software applications. Track, case histories, trend/relationships mapping, automatic/manual logging applying CRM application development for phone, chat, e-mail, and social platforms. Get real time customer segmentation and efficient predicative modeling, reports and data.


Satina programs CRM for multi-channel management consisting of mobile, website, social, in-person, call center, and Partner Relationship Management (PRM) software features. Your CRM functionality will be optimized with machine learning functions, conversational interfaces, industry-specific and best-of-breed apps.


Satina is considered as one of the leading custom CRM software providers. CRM integration tools developed by us include custom rules/automation creation, task lists/assignments, calendar management, alerts/notifications, affiliate management, and automatized process templates for simplified usability.


Satina’s CRM developer team engineers customized CRM software modules like performance monitoring, productivity, custom KPI tracking and creation. Our automatized log management processes for real-time data oversight and lead generation strongly support businesses in managing existing customers and lead prospects.


Satina provides custom-made CRM software development services including CRM integration with social media platforms (social CRM), Microsoft Dynamics Salesforce, Automation (SFA) software, and a variety of third party API CRM integration systems. Pipeline analysis, territory management, sales forecasting, ticketing systems automation and more features are brought through our CRM and ERP integrated solutions.

CRM Developers

Satina’s CRM developer team has a comprehensive understanding of diverse implementation and integration methodology that address important business issues for customer experiences. We provide CRM software development services ranging from Microsoft Dynamics CRM configuration to Salesforce CRM migration and much more.

Custom CRM Solutions and CRM Software Services

CRM Platform Customization

Satina supplies customized CRM Software Development services extending your CRM platform by keeping track of customers and automatizing workflows by applying custom-made solutions such as CRM-centric app development for different departments/teams in your organization, maximizing overall productivity and efficiency.

CRM Mobile App Design Solutions

Satina also implements mobile CRM ks development. We create custom CRM application development having mobile-first design and online/offline synchronization. GPS/location-based functions, and context-awareness features are applied to facilitate marketing, sales and customer service teams for further accessing and operating main information in real time. By using UI/UX designs, users will be engaged with touch screen capability for optimal experience.

CRM Database Management Solutions

Our developer team builds up CRM databases covering contact management, documents/records management, search functions, and integrate disparate data repositories. Users can get the best use of their data and find out valuable customer insights and turn them into successful business decisions.

CRM Cloud Services

CRM Migration Services

With support provided by Satina, you will get your data seamlessly migrated and extracted data from your legacy system. We clearly understand particular functionality needs to get your CRM value maximized, and ensure no downtime or troublesome deployment delays. As a top custom CRM software developer, we eliminate outdated parameters and maximuze CRM solutions.

Cloud Based CRM Software Development Solutions

Satina provides services covering both CRM installation and implementation from on premise to cloud deployments. It’s our guarantee that your CRM integration systems will be effectively installed with server configuration and domain considerations while understanding expert methodology and best practices. Our engineer team creates the best SaaS CRM design which is available for cloud CRM development on both windows and mac platforms.



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