ERP Services


ERP Software Development Services

Satina’s experts possess experience covering ERP implementation, customizations and integrations for robust ERP platforms which suit your own business mode and style. Our developer team applies popular ERP software consisting of SAP ERP, Microsoft Dynamics, Epicor, Oracle ERP, Deltek, Sage, Macola, Oracle NetSuite and others.

ERP Migration Solutions

    • Platform Migration Services
    • System Migration Services
    • On Premises CRM to Cloud CRM
    • ERP Upgrades
    • We Ensure Data Integrity
    • Seamless Migrations

Our ERP Consultant Services

    • ERP Experts
    • We Design an ERP Plan That Fits Your
    • Business
    • Maximize ROI
    • Optimizing Business Processes
    • Customize Your Solution
    • Implement New Solutions

ERP Extension and Plugin Development

    • API Extensions
    • Web Portal
    • Social and Mobile
    • MRP and CRM Extensions
    • Browser Extensions
    • Custom Made for Your Business
    • On boarding of existing extensions

Work with an Expert ERP Developer

Expert ERP Implementations

Satina is able to implement custom servers, networks, security, and data management solutions throughout customers’ organization with data integrity maintenance ensured added little or no downtime incurred. Our customers will be introduced new platforms in a smooth and cost-effective experience.

Seamless Data Migrations

Satina’s highly proficient developers update legacy systems ensuring data integrity when implementing migration of legacy data, integration of raw data silos, modernization of the data infrastructure, and exposing of the data landscape in order to bring the biggest benefits of data modeling, data governance and efficiency from a solid data migration process to our customers.

Custom ERP Development

Choosing Satina, customers are provided with custom functionality to off the shelf ERP software to meet their unique business style. Our experts can implement automatization of workflows or Business Process Automation (BPA), solution modifications, integration of data imports and exports and extension by building custom modules to bring a platform functioning seamlessly for each business.

Tailored Solutions

Satina’s experts customize ERP solutions to build up enhanced scalable, business-wide ERP systems to automatize important processes, and give main data insights across on-premise, web-based, and mobile platforms producing real-time access to mission critical data.

Effective Integration Services

At Satina, the centralized architecture of your chosen comprehensively integrated business IT environment is applied to ensure the scalability of your enterprise by promoting real-time data automation between systems.

ERP System Configurations

Satina implement configuration of the ERP software for specific functions, business intelligence, fields, modifications, advancement of interfaces and addition of particular fields and others. The configurations created by Satina ensure each new role is made perfect for a competitive edge against other enterprises.

ERP Administration Services

Satina watches and follows the back-end system functionality for bugs, potential improvements and comprehensive support of the technical infrastructure, corrects system problems, offers Help Desk support, Database backup, Security administration, manages communication and maintenance schedules and others.

ERP System Upgrades

Our proficient developers offer regular upgrades to have better support older software applications, enhance business and operations we make analysis of the systems current state, requirements for upgrade, any gaps which may need customization and testing to guarantee the upgraded version capabilities as desired.

Customizable Dashboards

Satina provides ERP services including customizing the design of your chosen ERP’s Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) and programs robust platforms for predictive analytics, executive dashboards, decision support, KPI tracking, performance scorecards, and others.

Expert ERP Consultants

Satina carries out analysis of customers’ current business environment in order to identify incompatibilities of different systems and produce strategies for integrating and migrating mission important ERP software into a concentrated infrastructure.

Data Warehouse

Your chosen ERP’s central repository data warehousing systems will be effectively leveraged to Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) the miscellaneous information from various sources and establish multiple nodes for data aggregation.

Powerful Reporting

Our highly skilful developer team programs custom reporting functions for real-time queries to produce data-intensive reports with data visualization of business targets through a multitude of graph and charting styles.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solutions

Recognized as a Microsoft Dynamics gold partner, Satina’s developers provide Dynamics ERP development, integration, customization, and much more. Choosing Stania, your business will surely manage inventory efficiently and seamlessly while maximizing ROI.


Financial Management

Satina’s developers strongly support you in gaining an throughout view of your business based on which you can make informed financial decisions, accelerate financial closes and reporting while improve data accuracy and maintaining compliance.

Secure and Automated Supply Chain

Recognized as a Microsoft Gold partner and a reliable software developer with experience, we provide businesses with the tools for optimizing their inventory, improving workflows, avoiding lost sales with accurate inventory calculations, and maximizing their profitability.

Smarter and Improved Customer Service

Satina enables businesses to deliver value during the entire sales process by prioritizing leads with the most potential, to make sales productivity go up and deliver remarkable service with seamlessly integrated and comprehensive software.

On-Time and Under Budget

Satina helps businesses to stay on budget. Our experienced and skilled developers strongly support you in managing customer projects and controlling budgeting for optimal profitability, stimulating future planning as well as providing insight on project metrics.

NetSuite ERP Solutions

As one of the Oracle NetSuite Alliance Partners, we are never off the goal to accelerate your business performance with specialized development services for the NetSuite ERP. Choosing Satina, you will be offered integrations, migrations and other implementations that scale with your business as it develops and achieves innovation.

Financial Management and Planning

Choosing Satina, your business will be delivered the NetSuite ERP intuitive interface, flexible modeling, analysis, reporting and support with all while compliance, reporting accuracy and real-time metrics are maintained.

Supply Chain Optimization

Satina gives you a great assistance in monitoring supply, identifying potential issues in the supply chain, filtering all of results with real time visibility, reduced supply chain costs and improved service levels.

Warehouse Fulfillment

Satina provides NetSuite ERP’s warehouse fulfilment including both inbound logistics and outbound logistics, and inventory management. Our developer team guarantees your gaining of real time updates, native solutions, and global support when applying NetSuite.

Order Management

Using the ERP order management’s pricing and promotion capabilities, facilitated order processes and customer support, your business will be improved and maximized in terms of cashflow, profitability, shipping costs, and delivery time.

SAP ERP Solutions

As one of the SAP Partners, we have comprehensive experience in implementation and customization of ERP solutions to make them best fit your business roadmaps and objectives. Satina will take advantage of best practices to flawlessly introduce the SAP ERP to the workplace with for profit maximization and smooth project management.


Product procurement, Manufacturing and Orders

Satina’s developer team, who has been highly trained in SAP ERP functionalities, is able to support your procurement process, accelerate manufacturing and assist in all customer focused processes through effective logistics, analysis, scheduling and service delivery.

HR Services

Applying the SAP ERP, Satina supports organizational growth by implement centralized HR processes for local and global labour forces, automatize time and attendance applications, and ensure a globalized software to contribute effectively to creating a a simple, productive and HR compliant workforce.

Finance Capabilities

At Satina, improved accuracy of smart cost management, accounting features, and profitability and global business practices are ensured through streamlined financial operations enables you to make proper financial decisions.

Exceptional Customer Service

Choosing Satina means that your business will reach new levels in customer service with an integrated and efficient supply chain, integrated service operations and processes and recorded service history to go beyond customers’ expectations, improve response time to customer questions and concerns and streamlined service operations.

Oracle ERP Cloud Solutions

Satina is recognized as an Oracle Partner with expertise in the Oracle ERP. The power of the Oracle ERP is significantly increased with our software development services covering customizations, migrations, integrations and others. Oracle strongly supports you in connecting your financial processes globally.


Improved Insights

Satina, with a comprehensive understanding of the Oracle ERP, will ensure you have deeper insight in business with intuitive dashboards and reports.

Risk and Compliance

Satina helps customers control their business risk and encourage compliance programs so you can rapidly detect issues, report them and have strategic insight.

Finance and HR

HR and Finance solutions are also a part of the Oracle ERP. The unified platform improves productivity with shared dashboards and reports for making decision making process better and faster.


Satina’s developer team is considerably experienced with technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning which can be leveraged by the Oracle ERP for further automated tasks to allow businesses to manage their time more effectively.



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