GIS Software Development Services


Collect, Analyze and Share Critical Geographic Data

A seamless access to geospatial data and a reliable means of finding and distributing actionable insight from which data is important to a host of various organizations – from urban planning departments to climate research facilities and international franchises. Satina supply custom GIS software development solutions to facilitate the smooth capture of geospatial information and the production of interactive maps.

Custom GIS Software Development Services

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is programed in an integration with strong database solutions, so organizations can effortlessly create maps using their own datasets such as CRM apps and BI warehouses. Satina provides custom GIS software development. With our great experience of integrating and shaping third-party GIS tools ESRI’s ArcGIS, Bing Maps, Google Maps, MapPro, and MapDotNet, we are confident to provide your organization with a perfect custom GIS Software Development Services.

Custom Geospatial Software

Satina’s analytics software engineering team advances spatial intelligence tools and multiple big data sources and to produce applications that can be applied to complex topographical and hydrologic studies, efficient routing, farming optimization, climate forecasting, sociological analysis, aerial drone mapping, and modeling, self-driving automobiles, AEC projects, urban planning, customer or voter outreach, franchise location plotting and much more.

Data Capture Solutions

We provide GIS software development services allowing users to easily upload the geographic data. They require in real-time, by one of the two scanning physical maps, manually entering survey data and coordinates, or integrating information gathered by GNSS and GPS satellites, laser rangefinders, field computers, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and remote sensing technology.

Dynamic Mapping Interfaces

These create informative, noticeable and interactive maps adopting custom GIS applications which allow limitless layers and styles. Satina designs quantitative and qualitative symbols, overlays, legends, transitions, annotation options, and more. GIS software programmed by us can visualize a wide variety of 2D and 3D thematic map types such as heat, choropleth, dot density, proportional symbol, point and predominance maps.

Geoprocessing and Geocoding

Satina programs automatized geoprocessing software – and implements manual geoprocessing when needed – for further transformation of unstructured or incompatible datasets into valuable inputs. Then, geocoding techniques can be applied to convert businesses, addresses, landmarks, and points of interest into geo-coordinates and settle maps. Using our GIS software development services, you can program any feature necessary to your organization.

GIS Database Design

Satina engineers and builds up cloud-hosted relational database management systems (, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL) that enable users to rapidly upload and query geospatial datasets. Databases are interfaced with imbedded software from sensors and IoT devices for data using web services (REST, SOAP, JSON, XML) migration.



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