Location Based Development Services


Location Based Development Solutions That Drive Revenue

Additionally, to the geo-location-based mobile apps dominating and host of navigation, the software development landscape, LBS (Location-Based Services) are being leveraged for a diversity of process-driven and marketing use cases right now. Satina has the industry-specific & experience technological to incorporate real-time LBS functionality rapidly deploy and into mobile applications them.

Point-of-Interest Locating

Nowadays, It’s a requirement for businesses with enthusiastic apps to contain a feature for the service provider or locating the closest store. Satina customs with GPS tracking modules world-class location-based applications that suggestion extremely exact driving estimations, -to-understand interfaces and dynamic condition filtering easy that encourage replication usage.

Social Media Solutions

As we know, the word “Check-in” has swiftly become one of the most beneficial for a wide variety of businesses and one of the most used functions in social networks. We have knowledge integrating and building social media apps with LBS features, together with location-based tagging for uses reaching from infotainment to emergency services. Our solutions allow products & services to point to users using mobile devices.

GPS and Navigation Applications

Our developer’s with third parties program GPS-based applications capable of integrating, like traffic apps and weather, through custom APIs. We program real-time re-routing and routing software for logistics management and efficient fleet with GPS tracking technologies and integrated location-based software.

Proximity-Based Marketing

Satina builds digital marketing apps with LBS capabilities, together with location-specific push notifications. Geofencing technology empowers businesses to mechanize marketing material pushes to customers’ mobile devices upon entering a preset area (near a retail location).

Field Service Apps

Mobile field service applications have developed that let employers keep track from one user location of their entire workforce. Our base on location development solutions consist of geo-location apps with abilities to locate individual track deliveries, field workers, handle dispatching operations, route drivers, track maintenance and assets a database of location-specific events.

Geofencing Location Based Services

We deliver geo-fencing solutions for targeted messaging and email communications with integrated alert triggers. Satina also performs geo-tagging software development with custom modules to participate with remote sensing devices (QR scanners, RFID, barcode), and photo applications.

Asset Tracking Technology

Maintaining visibility on all of a company’s assets, whether that is human assets, heavy machinery or IT equipment, is critical for keeping operations running revenue-generating and smoothly. We leverage technologies like barcodes, IoT scanners, NFC tags and RFID trackers to bring up-to-date centralized databases in real-time when assets moved.

Integrations and Customizations

Our LBS software specialists know their way about the development and code environment of the most popular geo-location software offerings, including MapQuest, Apple Maps, Google Maps, and Waze. We can incorporate and configure these services at all web app, mobile or desktop to produce unique, feature-rich map involvements.



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