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Custom App Development

Android App Development

Satina has experience in building commercial and internal business mobile applications for Android. These apps leverage the full power of the Android OS and device-particular features. Our developer team for Android app is aware of their way around the latest Android platform and API bundles, as well as Kotlin, C++, Java, and development instruments such as Android Studio and the Eclipse IDE. Choosing Satina, you will be strongly supported in designing, coding and deploying your custom Android App on the Google Play Store.

iOS App Development

Satina provides customers with native app development for the complete suite of Apple devices, consisting of iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches (watchOS). Beyond a normal knowledge of the basics of the iOS development environment, our programmers, with their great experience in app building, incorporate specific native features such as Facetime and Apple Pay. Our iOS app developers are always required to be real experts in Swift and Objective-C, and frameworks like the Xcode, iOS SDK, and Cocoa Controls as well. We will also bring a valuable assistance to implementing your application on the App Store.

Windows 10 App Development

Satina carries out development of desktop apps connecting to Word, Excel, and Photoshop within custom mobile applications. Applying Universal Windows Platform (UWP) API for Windows 10 applications and games allows Windows 10 mobile software development to be supported on the Xbox platform. Virtual Reality App and Mixed reality (MR) apps development created with the Universal Windows Platform can be custom-made to run on Windows Mixed Reality devices and other mobile 3-dimensional devices as well.

Cross-Platform Mobile Development and Hybrid App Development

Cross-Platform Mobile Development

Satina always gives the priority to a native feel for our hybrid apps and cross-platform, taking the time to lock down a compatible functionality and responsiveness between Android, iOS, and Microsoft Windows app versions. We never fail to leverage our programmer team’ s mastery of Javascript, HTML5, and development tools such as Xamarin, Telerik, Cordova, React Native, PhoneGap, Ionic, and Appcelerator.

Hybrid App Development

Satina implements development of Progressive Web Apps (PWA), which are extremely responsive, smooth in operation on all mobile browsers, easy to share and link to, and able to maintain consistent usability in spite of inconsistent internet conditions. Our developer team for mobile web app are real experts in JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, and various web services.

Mobile Solutions: Environments, Frameworks and Tools


Adobe PhoneGap, an open-source framework, enable to to create rapid mobile app development for iOS, Android, and Windows software. PhoneGap native device API strengthens the usage of the devices built in features within app development.


Appcelerator creates reporting and testing solutions for web and mobile application development. Its built-in connector’s allows for third party software integration.

ARCore for Android

ARCore platform is created by Google to assist developers in building augmented reality experiences on Android devices. Its key features comprise motion tracking, light estimation, and environment understanding.

ARKit 3 for iOS

ARKit 3 is an enhanced reality framework designed by Apple to assist developers in creating immersive experiences on Apple devices. Its key features comprise motion capture, people occlusion, multi-face tracking, and much more.


The Apache Cordova framework allows HTML, CSS & JavaScript webpage to be designed with reusable code. Cordova multi-platform integrations facilitate development tools and device APIs for cross-platform development.


Flutter is UI toolkit made by Google, which is applied to cross-platform development. Its widgets incorporate native performance for optimal UI/UX and API.


Ionic developments reusable code provides cross-platform progressive apps to iOS, Android, and Windows software. Ionic hybrid applications apply native features to providing UI / UX within the app development.

React Native

React native augmentation improves existing native Windows, Android, and iOS apps. Developing React Native mobile app facilitates cross-platform web solution of web-software and mobile application development.


Progress Telerik UI libraries have created database solution tools for reporting and AI automations. Telerik tools promote the UI/UX experience of desktop and mobile application development.


Microsoft Xamarin supplies cross-platform native mobile app development to iOS, Android, and Windows software. This is an open-platform software that enables multiple software integrations to be easily made.



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