Encompass®, a comprehensive platform by Ellie Mae, offers lenders an automated alternative to the manual loan life cycle, through a cloud-based lending platform

Recently, Satina engineers underwent comprehensive Encompass Digital Lending Platform™ training, establishing a collaborative connection with Ellie Mae® and an official partnership. Satina leverages a deep understanding of Ellie Mae’s code architecture, recognizing the vast applications this software has within the mortgage sector.
Encompass®, a comprehensive platform by Ellie Mae, offers lenders an automated alternative to the manual loan life cycle, through a cloud-based lending platform where…
• PO
• Processing
• Underwriting
• Closing & funding
• Post-closing & shipping
are accessible from a single, unified interface. Not only do we see manual paperwork become an antiquity, but we also see indisputable ROI when clients instrument Encompass solutions. Over a 5-year period, the change in operational efficiency can translate into as much as a 697% return on investment. Satina proudly provides Ellie Mae integration services to encourage mainstream adoption of Encompass solutions, and to satisfy our client’s mortgage automation needs with developers fluent in Ellie Mae’s platform.
Within the past year, Satina has encountered a diverse array of clients in search of Ellie Mae integrations, and in this case study, Satina will objectively evaluate the success and progression of our Ellie Mae integration work as it relates to one of our clients. This will provide insight into Satina process, illustrating how Encompass interacts with different ecosystems.
The Title and Escrow Vendor
Our client is a thought leader in the title and escrow industry, who first contracted Satina in 2016 to carry out some integration work they needed to maintain their brand position.
Although this client utilizes their northeastern headquarters as a hub for their international and regional dealings, they have locations across the United States, all of which are responsible for providing strategic consulting, technology testing, and other unique services to big names in the real estate industry.
Title & Escrow
• Mission:Engineer a robust application which will communicate with Encompass and inventory loaning information, uploading processed documents in eFolder
• Technologies Used: C# programming language and .NET framework
• Finished Product: An application that instruments Ellie Mae SDK to create a dialogue with Encompass; it is designed to accept loan information and documentation from their internal system and pushes them to Encompass, totally automating the process.

Satina Analysis
For this client, Satina leveraged C# programming language and .NET framework, and integrated the Encompass Digital Lending Platform to optimize workflow. Satina often encounters clients with pre-existing Ellie Mae solutions; however, this client differed in that they were looking to engage with Ellie Mae for the first time. Most clients opt into a third-party technology; this client chose to leverage eFolder for this purpose.
Although this project is ongoing, it has yielded promising results so far. Satina’s Ellie Mae expertise has certainly expedited the integration process, and enabled Satina to provide this client with unparalleled results. Satina’s partnership allows Satina to evolve alongside Ellie Mae, remaining current on updates and alterations and perpetually expanding our knowledge of their software solutions including:

Encompass Digital Lending Platform

Customized Ellie Mae Software Integration

Encompass CRM

Encompass Digital Lending Platform Development

Encompass Mortgage API Implementation

Encompass Integration
Satina guarantees TILA-RESPA, HMDA, & MISMO compliance for all solutions. Inevitably, Ellie Mae integrations reduce risk and simplify the lending processes on a client-to-client basis by matching lenders to custom dashboards, unifying the experience under one service provider.



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