Salesforce Integration


Work With A Certified Salesforce Partner

Our Certified Salesforce Developers will help you elevate and empower your sales team to win more deals. Satina evaluates your business goals and puts together a plan that ensures you have all the tools, features and functions needed to drive growth and maximize company ROI.

Implementation Solutions That Improve Your CRM Experience

Our Salesforce services experts are equipped with backend industry acumen to analyze your business processes and install a fully customize Salesforce CRM. We ensure all Salesforce solutions including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware), Heroku, Salesforce Classic, Lightning Platform, MuleSoft integrations, Einstein Analytics, Community Cloud, MyTrailhead and Quip are functioning in unison with your business structure.

Customized to Ensure Effectiveness

Every business has different customization needs and Satina has the in-depth knowledge to create or modify the Salesforce user interface with custom object design, layouts, fields, notifications, roles, and permissions, custom objects, enhanced integrations with applications like Amazon AWS S3 and DocuSign (through PowerForms) can be implemented and much more.

Configured to Automate Tasks and Improve Organizational Information

Satina certified team of Salesforce experts help improve overall business information and automate process with custom configurations of workflows, reports, validation rules, email templates, objects/field and more.

Proficient Apex Development

Our developers are proficient in developing with the Apex programming language and leverage it to add business logic to your business including button clicks, related record updates and Visualforce pages, create web services, email service, perform complex validation, create complex business processes not supported by workflow, create transactional logic and attach custom logic to other operations.

Improve Business Inefficiencies with Specialized Support

As certified partners, we specialize in providing ongoing platform support and maintenance to address any issues in real-time, without any downtime or disruption. Our services include Salesforce integration, proactive monitoring, data management bug fixing, routine maintenance and reporting to identify areas that need improvement as well as security.

Visualforce Framework Experts

The Visualforce framework allows Satina developers to build custom user interfaces and makes database operations simpler to perform. Our developers utilize Visualforce to override standard buttons, overview pages, define custom tabs, create custom dashboard components and custom help pages, customize, extend or integrate sidebars in the Salesforce console and add menu items, actions and mobile cards to the Salesforce app for a fully customized CRM.

Custom Platform and App Development

We develop Salesforce Classic using Apex, VisualForce, SOQL, REST/SOAP Web Services, Triggers, Workflow, ProcessBuilder and more. We also develop Lightning Experience apps to upgrade from Classic. We develop native apps, portals, web apps and integrations and provide custom solutions include syncing and integrating AppExchange with real-time collaboration software.

Complete Visibility of Business Data With Seamless Migration

Satina seamlessly backs-up and migrates all business data stored in other systems to your Cloud platform. Using Metadata API tools our Salesforce developers extract and migrate Metadata components from cloud-based or traditional systems to Salesforce.

Powerful Salesforce Integration Services

Your company may need some data integrations, connecting internal databases to Salesforce to leverage the data in new, possibly more powerful ways. Others may want to integrate with existing applications, harnessing an API’s functionality through the Salesforce platform. We connect you to all accounting systems, ERP systems, social media platforms, ecommerce platforms, and virtually any on-premise or third-party software.

API Integrations

Robust API integrations with any other system including Azure, AWS, QuickBooks, DocuSign, WordPress, MailChimp, Twilio, LeadCloud, WooCommerce, Shopify, Moodle, Totara, Google apps, Office 365, CTI integration and more. We utilize REST and SOAP API to keep data residing in different systems in sync with each other. Any web-based system that has an API (SOAP or REST) can be integrated with Salesforce.

Salesforce QuickBooks Integration

Our Salesforce Developers connect both QuickBooks Desktop edition as well as QuickBooks Online edition. Salesforce has the necessary objects required to store financial and eCommerce data like Accounts, Contacts, Quotes, Products, PriceBooks, Orders, Order Products to empower both your Sales and Accounting team.



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