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SAP Certified Partners

We are SAP Certified Partners and take pride on helping users elevate and empower their business using SAP software technologies. We evaluate your business goals and together we create a SAP Solutions plan that ensures your platforms have all the tools, features and functionality needed to drive growth and maximize ROI.

SAP Implementation Services

As a SAP Certified Partner we ensure a smooth software implementation process that includes business planning, discovery and research. We work together to outline a SAP Implementation plan that covers all business goals, key challenges and requirements. Satina also provide complete system configuration, migration and QA to ensure a successful business implementation.

SAP Configuration

Our SAP Implementation Services covers all your needs. We configure unique software settings, applications, features and experiences that have the most impact based on your business goals and industry to ensure you have all the right tools needed to complete day-to-day task, automate processes and increase company success and revenue.

SAP Integration

Our SAP Integration developers simplify business data collection and redundancies by creating a single point of access in your SAP platform. We integrate all on premise and 3rd party application, websites, ERP, CRM, software, database and more.

Secure SAP Data Migration

Our SAP Certified Developers seamlessly migrate all business data found on any application, systems, database, website, third-party software, servers, operating systems and more, into your SAP Software Platform enabling complete businesses overview. Part of our SAP Migration Services is to ensure that all important data is stored secure and maintains its integrity.

SAP Software Development

As SAP Certified Partners we are backed by industry experts that ensure your software has all the tools and functions your business needs to succeed. We provide custom SAP Implementation and SAP Integration solutions for all platforms including HANA, Crystal Reports, Business Intelligence, Lumira and ERP.

Custom SAP Solutions

Satina adds more value to your SAP technology software platforms by customizing, enhancing and extending software functions. Our Certified SAP developers customize dashboards, applications, settings, graphs, form, reports, layouts and more as your company grows and needs other functionalities.


This digital business suite promotes growth by creating an organized and efficient space to analyze business metrics and communicate between teams. We provide integrations, implementations, migrations and much more for SAP BusinessObjects.


BusinessObjects BI Platform

The BI platform supports the changing needs of business, provides access to comprehensive intelligence tools and enables content delivery to promote growth.

BusinessObjects Dashboard

The SAP BusinessObjects Dashboard provides access to important business information instantly through an interactive and easy to read dashboard with widgets, charts and more.

BusinessObjects Explorer

SAP BusinessObjects Explorer is a self-service software that allows businesses to quickly browse through their business data, share critical information with their team and improve future business planning.


SAP Lumira is a speedy analytics and data software delivering real time analysis for improved efficiency and increased number of opportunities.

Cloud ERP

Satina offers services for all SAP ERP software including BusinessOne and ByDesign. We have expertise in providing services for businesses using SAP from a simple migration to complete global rollouts and more.


ERP Implementation

At Satina we have experience deploying and configuring SAP ERP to your custom networks, servers, security, and data management solutions throughout your entire organization.

ERP Custom Extensions

We create scalable, fast and efficient extensions for BusinessOne, ByDesign and the original cloud ERP to give your business the competitive advantage.

ERP Integration

Our SAP certified developers help automate business processes by integrating your SAP ERP software with any proprietary or third party application, software, system and more.

ERP Application Management

Our developers help your business maintain, enhance and manage the enterprise SAP environments by managing your preferred SAP applications.


SAP HANA is an intelligent data platform that reduces business complexity by allowing businesses to access data quickly and efficiently all while increasing ROI. Satina ensures the processing platform with advanced analytics runs securely across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.


HANA Implementation

We install SAP HANA to your proprietary platform as an addition to your ERP system with all capabilities transferred.

HANA Virtualization

SAP HANA virtualization helps achieve a seamless network of processes creating a powerful business system. Satina ensures the virtualization workloads are divided between hardware and softwares as part of SAP’s best practices.

HANA Cloud Integrations

We integrate the in-memory cloud platform allowing developers to build and run applications on the cloud. Our developers integrate the back end system ensuring all necessary data and required features are included.



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