Self-Service Kiosk Software


Customer Satisfaction with Interactive Self-Service Software

“Consumerization” is an IT segmented influence based upon the immediate needs of the consumer within the business cycle. ‘Time is Money’- e-ticketing, kiosk and digital signage are the results of the adage. Our kiosk and self-service software solutions provide end users with prompt knowledge and resolutions in real time during robust digital experiences. Companies are providing the best customer service in their industry with self-service portals and kiosk. End-users interactive POS touch screen kiosks are revolutionizing several industries by lower operating cost. Let Satina begin your custom self-service software development today.

Kiosk Software Solutions

Our self-service software solutions include kiosk software solutions that enable the designing of intuitive user interfaces and experiences (UI / UX). POS touch screen software implementation custom branding, and programming remote management solutions are a few of the tailored features we provide.

Ticketing Software Services

We provide ticketing software services for interactive booths, interactive kiosks and touch screens. Ticketing entities such as exchange platforms, resellers and brokers can improve acquisition by how quickly end users are able to convert. Our solutions experience includes e-commerce ticketing platforms, custom integrations, and ticket processing applications.

Digital Signage

We develop custom digital signage software solutions including cloud-based platforms, HTML5 web apps, remote management systems, interactivity, engagement features, and more. These digital display solutions are knowledge based software that provides customer service support across their applicable industries and platforms.



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