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C Sharp Configuration & Deployment Services

C Sharp Database Modification

C sharp is used as a language connector that links various database technologies such as Microsoft Azure and MySQL when augmenting development IT team for software modifications either on premise or in the cloud.

C Sharp Mobile App Configuration

We develop cross platform and hybrid mobile apps written in C#. The development tool used to create the software can include visual studios and Xamarin. Our comprehensive c# mobile app development process configures wire-framing, UI design, database architecture, business logic implementation. Native API leveraging with 3rd party integrations scales software application debugging, testing and deployment.

C# Social Media App Development

The Visual Studios and Asp.net are a few cross platform framework businesses hire our IT teams to modify their social networking apps and create social profile modifications written in C#.

C Sharp Video Game Programming

Gaming production companies scale business needs with our video gaming programmers to develop source codes and assets using C# for their software development. We use C# and .NET scripting to configure 2D and 3D games for gaming consoles, desktops, mobile and web platforms. Unity engine written in C# is configured create UX games for VR and AR experiences. We modify the Cry-Engine CE# framework and Visual Studio extension for Windows and Linux gaming software configuration.

C# Sharp Web Development Configuration

We configure software development and modification written in C# to integrate Visual Studio and ASP.NET framework for both client- and server-side apps. Deployment of cloud services using C# enhances Sharepoint apps, database driven websites, ecommerce sites and dynamic SPA’s. C# libraries and tools enhance dynamic websites and applications. SMB and enterprise companies configure Windows Service API’s, XML, web-forms TCP/IP servers using C sharp.

C# Windows Modification Services

We program applications for Microsoft operating systems including Windows 10 and Xbox One using C# along with the .NET framework and Universal Windows Platform. We leverage Windows forms and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) to create and render custom GUI designs.

Satina  provides c sharp programming language development and modification services remotely to help scale and support IT teams around the globe. Our team of knowledgeable professionals on-demand applications support for C# frameworks, tools and technologies. We create experienced teams to aid in updating applications for startups companies and scale small-medium and enterprises-size businesses with modification and integration support written in the C# language. We provide skilled and experienced C Sharp programmers, framework developers, architects, and consultants to augment IT team and department.

Areas of Expertise: C# Environments & Libraries…

Apache Cordova

C Sharp provides cross-platform hybrid app development in through Apache Cordova for during augmentation of businesses IT needs.

Microsoft .NET

C# is an Object Oriented programming language we script on the dotnet framework for applications including asp.net.

Microsoft SQL Server

We develop C sharp code for database management system for Microsoft SQL Server programming.


Mono C# project development for cross platform applications is useful while scaling business solutions using the Mono C# compiler.


We connect MySQL database to a C sharp applications in order to carry out data request and queries from the MySQL database.


Selenium is one of the test driven environment written in C# we use for multiple browsers and operating systems modifications and software updates.


Ubuntu is a high performance operating system for businesses that supports C sharp programming for cloud computing.

Visual Studio

C sharp language optimizes Microsoft Visual Studio cross-platform development of apps for companies.


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