HTML5 Development


HTML5 Development Services

HTML5 App Development

When developing enterprise-class web app solutions using HTML5, our experts use best-in-class development techniques and design schemas to configure custom software development solutions. Our on-demand developers create formatted layouts for custom graphic design and 3D animation development desktop and mobile apps with flexible images, media querying techniques, multimedia plugins, and other app features for HTML coding.

HTML5 Mobile App Software Services

Our HTML5 mobile application software solutions configure native, web, and hybrid applications with design elements that respond to all mobile phone and tablet displays. Customer habits and mobile technology changes the UI/UX. Modification of mobile apps and allows us to create modern and consistent experiences regardless of the mobile platform.

HTML5 Software Integration and Connectivity

Our sourced team uses apps developed with HTML5 as a bridge between existing proprietary software architecture and newer modification systems. By creating an API layer as a mediator, using HTML5, .NET, C# and other language integrations enables communication connectivity and interoperability between software products without restrictions.

HTML5 Migration Services

We modify code from Legacy platforms like Flash into dynamic, responsive HTML5 applications. By leveraging Satina’s skill in adaptive rendering and coding. We deploy creative forward-facing HTML5 apps suitable for any enterprise-class clientele. This also allows us to configure and integrate existing third-party payment gateways and other apps via APIs.

Cross-Platform Engineering in HTML5

Mobile application development frameworks, such as PhoneGap, allows Satina on-demand developers to implement cross-platform applications with HTML5 as a core component and integrate them alongside languages and frameworks like CSS3, Jquery and WebAPI. Development and deployment for Android and iOS are simultaneously streamlined in an efficient manner.

Gaming HTML5 Development

HTML5 integration of audio and video by our team of on-demand engineers developes responsive and robust desktop and mobile games. These games include blackjack, poker, fantasy sports, solitaire and lottery systems and modify a company’s existing software for engaging UI/UX.

Satina creates experienced teams of on-demand developers that aid in updating software and modifying applications for startup companies, small-medium and enterprises-size businesses through IT augmentation. We provide html5 development services and modifications to scale IT teams around the globe. Our team of knowledgeable professionals provide on-demand development of software applications support remotely by scripting html5 web frameworks, environments, libraries and tools. Our integration of software development using the html5 code language scales companies with skilled and experienced html5 programmers, html5 web framework developers and architects to augment IT teams and departments swiftly & efficiently.

Areas of Expertise: HTML Programming Environments and Libraries.

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver allows design, code, and publishing of websites and applications that supports HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more.

Apache NetBean

Apache NetBeans is an integrated development environment (IDE) for cross-platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and Solaris.


Bootstrap is a mobile first front-end web development CSS and HTML frame work.


HTML 5 and CSS3 (Cascading Style Sheets) language aid in designing dynamic web pages.


Foundation is a front-end HTML framework used for responsive user interfaces (UIs) of dynamic web applications.


Liveweave provides HTML, CSS and JS editing and tests in real-time live previews to developers and web designers.


Montage and HTML5 create interactive experience for end-users while gaming and during website visits.

Razor Flow

HTML5 dashboard are designed for data reporting on cross platforms and devices using Razor Flow.

Semantics UI

Semantic development framework creates responsive layouts using HTML5 programming.


SproutCore is an open-source HTML5 framework for creating front-end development for audio and visual.


TinyMCE is a powerful rich text editor for creative writing and visual development.


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