Kotlin Development Services


We are Expert Kotlin Engineers

Satina was an early Kotlin adapter, leveraging the programming language’s strongly typed syntax, numerous safeguards and vast interoperability to create custom Android apps, as well as a variety of web applications. Contact our Kotlin developers today for your end-to-end development or project augmentation needs.

JVM and Kotlin Programming

Our Java programmers are proficient at using Kotlin on the Java Virtual Machine and compiling it to JavaScript and the LLVM infrastructure. We use the Java class libraries and the JVM implementation of Kotlin to create interoperable code with Java.

Native Kotlin Development

We can use the Kotlin/Native compiler and LLVM back-end to perform native implementations without a virtual machine. Our Kotlin developers opt for this approach when using the language to program embedded software or applications in iOS, MacOS, Windows, Linux or WebAssembly.

Server-Side Development

Kotlin is perfect for server-side programming of web applications and more data-driven services. We leverage its interoperability with Java, as well as JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA, to create highly scalable web solutions and rapidly migrate Java code to Kotlin.

Android App Development

Along with Java and C++, Kotlin is now fully supported by the Android operating system. We specialize in synthesizing the programming power of Kotlin and Java to create backward compatible, highly functional and lightweight Android applications.


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