Perl Programming Services


Perl Programming Services

Advanced Perl Programming Services

We develop custom software solutions with Perl as part of a LAMP technology stack. We write server-side scripts for desktop, web, mobile, IoT, and embedded programs. Our developers are experts in Perl’s multi-paradigm architecture, rapid prototyping, Unicode standards, and extensions for integrating C/C++ libraries (SWIG) and subordinates (XS).

Perl Database Programming

We integrate databases into Perl-written software using the Database Independent (DBI) API for executing form processing. We work worth database management systems (DBMS) including MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MongoDB, and CouchDB. We also provide Perl interpreter embedding solutions for database servers.

Perl Programming for Bioinformatics

Development of bioinformatics applications including command-line tools, 3D graphical representations, automation programs, and sequence manipulation. We have experience in scientific computing, BioPerl implementations, public biological databases, and complex data manipulation.

Perl Network Programming

We program networking applications and integrate common system protocols for multitasking, client/server connections, HTTP, TCP/IP, SSL/TLS, Telnet, Secure Shell (SSH), remote login/commands execution, and e-mail integrations.

Perl Web Development

Full-stack Perl web development solutions including enterprise-class websites, ecommerce shopping carts, dynamic and static web pages, web services, plugins, UI/UX designs, GUIs, content management systems (CMS) and common gateway interfaces (CGI). Our Perl programmers embed interpreters within web servers and extend application features using the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN) libraries.

Perl Graphics

Our front-end developers design custom, responsive GUI applications with the aid of popular Perl libraries. We design high-quality graphics, including 3D images and animations, for browser, desktop, mobile, VR, and web-based applications.

Perl for System Administration

We specialize in system administration services including mission-critical applications development, process automations, tools programming, configuration management, quality assurance, test automation, and “glue language” functions that expand interoperability.

Perl CGI Programming

Our Perl programmers expand the functionality of dynamic web pages by writing Perl Web Server Gateway Interface (PSGI) scripts for programs running in web servers. We program Regular Expressions (RegEx) including simple matching, simple substitution, capturing, quantifiers, lookaheads, and backreferences.

Perl Development Tools

We program custom web applications, complex systems, and front-end scripts using feature-rich Perl frameworks and libraries, including:


Creation of enterprise-class applications with the ActivePerl distribution, which comes packaged with a Perl Package Manager (PPM) and Internet Server Application Programming Interface (ISAPI).


We write robust, flexible scripts for bioinformatics applications that help facilitate the analysis and manipulation of nucleotide and peptide sequences using the BioPerl collection of modules.


We program high-functionality web applications using the MVC architecture of Catalyst’s extensive open source framework to interface with web servers and multiple databases.


Implementation of popular and well-documented Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN) modules including the Perl Database Interface (DBI), JSON and XML integrations, and testing tools.


Rapid development and prototyping of web applications using the lightweight Dancer framework, its standalone development server, and its support for Perl Web Server Gateway Interfaces (PSGI).


We engineer simple and complex real-time web applications using Mojolicious’s set of development tools for simplified single file modes, session management, WebSockets, and automated CGIs.


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