Custom PhoneGap Development Solutions


Hybrid, Cross-Platform Mobile App Creation with PhoneGap

Satina’s software developers create dazzling mobile apps with the Adobe PhoneGap framework from Apache Cordova, which is a popular open source tool for creating cross-platform and hybrid mobile apps. We rely on our extensive experience with PhoneGap development to ensure your application is accepted by all app stores and adheres to UI/UX guidelines. These mobile apps work on iOS, Android and Windows.

Rapid App Development

We utilize HTML, CSS and JavaScript’s wide-ranging frameworks to enhance app functionality, responsiveness and design while reducing costs and time to market. We carefully craft robust plug-ins to expand the capabilities of your app to its maximum potential. And PhoneGap is open source and completely free to use, so don’t worry about licensing fees.

Cross-Platform App Support

We develop PhoneGap development framework and supporting technologies to deliver versatile web apps for multi-platform deployment. Our developers create features for your app locally that are then able to be seen instantly on a connected mobile device. PhoneGap mobile device testing allows access to device APIs that aren’t available in web browsers.

Cloud-Native App Support

We use the most common browser-based coding languages, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, to develop amazing apps with PhoneGap for iOS, Android and Windows. We develop unique experiences for various platforms with one codebase so that a business can reach their audience on any device. Using a single code base eliminates the intricacy of coding in multiple languages.

PhoneGap Native API Access

We program interactive hybrid mobile apps using a mobile device’s feature APIs, including camera, accelerometer, storage and more. The applications we design are app store-ready without the need for complicated software development kit (SDK) maintenance. Instead, we build apps in the cloud with the most recent SDK for a specific platform.


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