Ruby on Rails Developments


Ruby on Rails Development Services, Configurations, and Deployment

Full Stack Ruby on Rails Developer

Our developers are full-stack experts in server management (Apache, Nginx), design, and database development (MySQL, SQLite3, and PostgreSQL). We boast a deep pool of expert Ruby developers who also specialize in web services (JSON, REST, SOAP), Heroku deployment, and markup languages HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and XML. We also provide existing app maintenance and project rescue services, as well as migration, reporting, and upgrading solutions.

Ruby on Rails Backend Developer

Ruby on Rails allows us to develop high-level back-end programming of apps quickly. ROR development is dynamic and productive for our high traffic sites modifications. Ruby provides us agile web development and middleware architecture on Rails. We maintain response time by integrating Resque and Sinatra applications for processing multiple queues used by 3rd party API, caches and emails on devices in ROR. We manage exact coding and software versioning using Dockers.

Ruby on Rails Rapid Application Development

We perform rapid application development and prototyping for start-up companies in need of efficient and cost-effective services, as well as more comprehensive programming and maintenance software solutions for large-scale, data-driven businesses. Our BPM (Business Process Automation) solutions modify and integrate data for custom portal navigation and module functionality.

Ruby Implementation Solutions

We leverage Ruby MRI reference implementation and other popular Ruby customizations like RubyMotion for developing OS X, iOS, and Android apps. We use LRuby for integrating Ruby and Java code, and mruby to create compact apps written in Ruby and C. We also perform third-party implementations using Rubinius, MagLev, and Yet Another Ruby VM (YARV).

Ruby on Rails Web Development Services

We build custom web applications, web services, intranets, content management systems (CMS), single-page applications (SPA) and web portals using Ruby on Rails. We program applications, APIs, and other software to run on all operating systems using the Ruby programming language, Ruby on Rails framework, and RubyGems package manager. Our Ruby app development services lays out wire-frame designs, QA testing, debugging, and deployment.

Ruby on Rails ERP Software Developer

Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implements SAP ERP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle NetSuite and more. We provide API extension app development to enable social sharing of proprietary content. Our developers provide upgrades to support older software applications through ERP system upgrades. Our enterprise-grade Ruby programming services include CRMs, payment processing portals, management dashboards, and business intelligence integrations.

Ruby on Rails Mobile Web App

We develop custom mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile using Ruby on Rails. Our services include mobile app development for native, hybrid, and cross-platform apps featuring mobile-first, responsive designs, seamless access to native features, and intuitive UI/UX. We utilize the power of Ruby and cross-platform mobile development frameworks including RubyMotion and Xamarin.

Ruby on Rails Front-End Programming

We create stunning and intuitive front-end designs and GUIs for desktop, mobile, and web applications with server-side cores written in Ruby. Using Agile development best practices, our front-end architects work to provide Ruby on Rails programming that ensures the optimal presentation of data, seamless UX responsiveness, and client-friendly UIs.

Ruby on Rails Software Development Services

Satina provides global IT support by scaling teams with the industries’ best on-demand ROR programming developers, engineers, architects, and consultants. Our Ruby on Rails web services includes development, configuration, modification and deployment of IT projects. Our knowledgeable team of industry professionals provides scalable, on-demand support using Ruby on Rails frameworks and Ruby libraries. Our experienced software teams are contracted for on-demand development of software projects for companies. We scale startups, small-medium and enterprises-size businesses with modification/integration services written in Ruby.

Our Programming Experts Modify and Integrate Ruby on Rails Environments and Ruby Libraries.


Kendo provides front-end UI with adaptive rendering. It allows our software development to use the same themes and UX on all OS.


We program web applications with the Komodo text editor and IDE which offers multilingual support, remote file publishing, and plugins for PhoneGap and Cordova.


We develop software using the Pry alternative Ruby interactive shell with introspective features that include source code and documentation browsing, syntax highlighting, and exotic object support.


PUMA provides us with fast and concurrent HTTP web server exclusively used for deploying Ruby/Racks applications. We use Puma in conjunction with Nginx and Ubuntu.


We program apps using the full power of the RubyGems collection of libraries, including those for APIs, authentication, authorization, security, recurring jobs, pagination, and environment variables.

Ruby Version Manager

We simultaneous edit multiple Ruby software modules installed on the same device, including support for JRuby, mruby, MagLevm, Rubinious, and GoRuby implementations using the Ruby Version Manager.


The Rumale library allows us to develop machine learning applications using ROR. The machine learning algorithms provide regression, tree and cluster analytics.


We build highly responsive, cross-platform graphical user interfaces (GUI) using the Shoes development toolkit and custom RubyGems environment.


The rapid development of web applications using Sinatra’s domain-specific language (DSL) and library allows for programming without the model-view-controller (MVC) architecture typically used with Ruby.


Unicorn is an alternative solution we use for Ruby on Rails’s HTTP web application server in the UNIX Ruby environment to deploy Rails applications.


Our use of Wasmer, a Ruby library, to run WebAssembly allows development to be scripted and run in any code from any operating system.


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