Scala Language Development services


Scala Configuration & Deployment Services

Scala Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning Modification

Satina uses Scala language to deploy AI software and Machine learning tools into programming software. We specialize in configuring a “natural language” process to leverage user behavior data analytics. Integrating AI modification and machine learning capabilities provides predictive modeling with applicable “cognitive” data responses during queries. Our configurations will enhance UX and provide businesses with decision making reporting analytics.

Scala Database Modification

Software deployment using the Scala language for scripting of big data analysis and reporting enhances speed. We use Scala programming language to building databases and data pipelines in Apache Spark. We configure, implement and deploy libraries in Scala for SQL-like database software modifications to speed reporting capabilities and data storage.

Scala Game Development Configuration

We configuring the Scala language to build or modify interactive gaming apps for cross-platform desktop and mobile applications. Scala provides interoperability with JavaScript libraries and tools making deployment simple and fast. Modification of streaming capabilities configured in Scala language provides optimal on-line performance speed to existing software programs.

Scala Social Media App Modification Development

Implementing Scala’s within a social network for scalable modification of social media apps optimizes instant messaging capabilities as well as streaming. Configurations of enterprise-size modifications to existing social media applications using the language tools and environments provides flexibility and enables robust system enhancements.

Satina scales IT teams with Scala language development and modification services remotely. Our knowledgeable team of industry professionals configure scalable, on-demand applications support for Scala frameworks, tools and technologies. We build experienced teams to configure modifications to applications for startups companies and scale small-medium and enterprises-size businesses. Our modification and integration support, configured in the Scala language, by programmers, framework developers, architects, and consultants provides augmentation solutions globally to IT teams.

Areas of Expertise: Scala Environments & Libraries…


Akka is a reactive high-performance data streaming toolkit for building and deploying, message-driven applications in the Scala language.

Apache Hadoop

The Apache Hadoop software library is a framework that enables Scala developers to distribute and process clusters of data sets.

Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka is a real-time, high-performance streaming open-source software platform similar to an EMS written in the Scala Language.


Finch is written is Scala and enables high performance APIs to be used in message driven application development.


Lift is a secure interactive framework used for app development written jn Scala.

Mesosphere Chaos

Mesosphere Chaos is an easy to use lightweight framework for writing REST services using the Scala language.


Play framework provides lightweight, web-friendly architecture written in Scala. Play deployment provides app speed and scalability under load.


Scala.js provides interoperability of the Scala language with environments designed for JavaScript development.


Scalatra is a micro-framework used for server-side development and creating mobile and web APIs in the Scala language.

Apache Spark

Apache Sparke is a cluster-computing framework used with SQL database analytical tools and development written in Scala.


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