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SQL Database Architecture

Our document and deployment process creates robust schemas, automation jobs, and normalizes data design models by implementing relationships between tables to minimize redundancies. Our development of straightforward importing, exporting, and migration data solutions ensure configurations of transactions meet ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability) standards. By defining integrity constraints and identifying data attributes for numeric data, time stamps and character strings. We configure and manage complex, scalable databases such as Very Big Databases (VBD) using binary as well as Unicode characters.

SQL Server Security

Satina minimizes data loss due to human error and system failures modifying and deploying backup and disaster recovery strategies. Those strategies include the configurations of log shipping, replication, and high availability computing and auditing of database systems and implementation of authentication and authorization protocols. Implementation of SQL Server security best practices for permissions, principals, firewalls, schema ownerships, and encryptions allows us to establish safeguard database systems from unauthorized access, SQL injections, probe attacks, and malicious coding.

SQL Application Development

We deploy customized development solutions of high-performance applications for seamless implementations of stored procedures and functions. Our data-driven app solutions configures customer relationship management (CRM), content management systems (CMS), ecommerce sites, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and accounting software, as well as industry-driven Big Data solutions. We specialize in business intelligence (BI) modules, dynamic database-as-a-service (DBaaS) cloud apps, programmed with intuitive input forms and graphical data displays.

SQL Server Programming

Our SQL Server services cover analysis, data quality, integration, master data, reporting, hosting, and data warehousing. Structured Query Language (SQL) developers at Satina create scalable, enterprise-class database architectures. The configuration of relational database management systems (RDBMS) such as Microsoft SQL Server (T-SQL), Oracle (PL/SQL), PostgreSQL, Sybase, MySQL (SQL/PSM), IBM DB2, IBM Informix, SQLite, MariaDB, and MS Access allow ease of third-party implementations and deployments. We are able to provide companies with solutions to manage real-time data streams with relational data stream management systems (RDSMS) and configurations.

SQL Database Tuning

We analyze hardware system requirements such as disk input/output (I/O), latency, memory, and CPU usage to ensure optimal performance when deploying software modifications. Deconstruction of database schemas enables us to correct de-normalized tables and increase referential integrity. The value within our configuration of database tuning services, including viability, standards, and system requirement analysis. Our enhanced SQL query syntax supports rapid data manipulation through indexing. We also ensure concurrent data by detecting and resolving database locks and blocked processes.

SQL Server Business Intelligence

Modification of BI dashboard modules are accurate real-time reporting tools. Typically configured for key performance indicators (KPI), dashboard modules can be deployed for accessible via mobile devices, web browsers for BI analysis. Our process includes analyzing multiple shared and embedded data sources by deploying tabular and multidimensional models to reporting servers (including SharePoint) to ensure functionality. We then configure module display results using data regions such as tables, charts, maps, and indexes.

Satina provides remote global support of top SQL deployment developers, engineers, programmers, coders, architects, and consultants. Startups companies, small-medium and enterprises-size business hire our dedicated team of skilled industry SQL professionals to provide integration and deployment temp support. Our knowledgeable outsourcing team implements scalable application development modification services for SQL databases deployments and SQL Server modifications.

Areas of Expertise: SQL Environments & Libraries…


Actian X is a combination of Ingres transactional and Vector analytics. The SQL updates and modification using Actian X management system provide end-to-end solutions for large commercial and government applications.


We Amazon Relational Database Service into centralized custom software. Amazon RDS’s cloud is a relational database that caters specifically to the e-commerce industry it is supports MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.

Apache Derby

Apache Derby is easily embedded in any JAVA-based solution. The open source relational database engine conforms to ISO/ANSI SQL and JDBC standards. Apache Derby is highly noted amongst our developers for its minimal disk-space foot print.

Apache Ignite

Apache Ignite is an open-source distributed database, cache and processing platform that stores and computes large data across a cluster of nodes.

Firebird SQL

Firebird SQL’s is a universal open-source relational database management system which offers high performance, excellent concurrency and has ANSI SQL multiple language support.

Frontbase SQL

Integration of Frontbase SQL is written in ANSI C for cross platform compatibility. Frontbase SQL encompass development parameters within areas such as compile and run-time systems, database systems, embedded systems command-and-control systems and object-oriented programming for robust scalability.

Hyper SQL

HSQLDB enables development, testing and deployment of database applications in Java. The multithreaded transactional database engine provides disk-based and/or in-memory tables. SQL tool and GUI tools provide accurate powerful queries on-demand.


The relational database system, DB2, from IBM enables structured and unstructured data management on premises, private and public cloud environments. DB2’s Task Scheduler maintains a strict protocol hierarchy to enable multiple jobs to run at once.


MariaDB is an open source software data based engine for analytic (MariaDB AX) and transactions (MariaDB TX). ClustrixDB provides ad techs with tracking data, scales UX for e-com shoppers and allows gamers and social media app lag free messaging and feedback


We implement MySQL’s tools for managing OEM/ISV embedded software, as well as MySQL Cluster for enabling linear scalability. MySQL database integrates seamlessly with data-driven enterprise websites and web apps.


We provide near-infinite scalability using Oracle’s DBMS. Enterprises business are able to manage and integrate Very Big Databases (VBD) to extract dependable SQL querying within the Oracle platform.


PostgreSQL DBMS features tools such as Multi-Version Concurrency Control to optimize performance. PostgreSQL integration provides transactional isolation for each and every database session (purchase) on the web.

SQL Anywhere

We streamline analysis and capture of IoT data for optimal performance using SQL Anywhere. It allows developers to rapidly design & deploy remote and mobile data management environments with synchronized data exchange technologies.


SQLite is a relational database management system in C-language. The embedded database engine doesn’t require a separate server and can run on most any hardware and any operating system.

MS SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server allows integration of robust, complex databases with Windows- and Linux-based applications. Azure SQL Database provides cloud hosting. SSAS and SSIS technology expedites data analysis.


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