WordPress Development Services Custom Websites, Integrations, UI / UX & More


SATINA's WordPress Development Solutions

End-to-End Solutions

Our developers are experts in every facet of the WordPress platform, as well as custom CMS, web design, and marketing automation solutions. We assess, configure, program, integrate, test, migrate, maintain, and deploy platforms customized to your needs. Our services also include extending platforms with custom development and integrations.

Creative Design & Custom Themes

Our developers design and program visually appealing, immersive, and functional custom websites. We collaborate with you to come up with the perfect graphics, animations, themes, user interfaces (UI), user experiences (UX), and more custom features. We ensure Mobile First, responsive design across all interfaces for optimal user interactions.

Custom Development

Our developers program customized websites, mobile applications, e-commerce tools, widgets, plugins, and extensions with the WordPress platform. Our services include workflow application development, Content Management System (CMS) optimizations, and expertise in supporting technologies such as Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and more.

Integrations & Implementations

We integrate WordPress plugins, custom extensions, and APIs including 3rd party CRM, marketing automation, Document Management Systems (DMS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), sales automation platforms (i.e. Salesforce), plus others.

Content Management

Our developers program customized CMS platforms with WordPress, including author, edit, collaboration, publish, and archiving features. We program editing tools such as rich text editors, template, graphics, animations, and multimedia. We program end-to-end content management solutions with custom analytics, reporting, dashboards, and KPI features.

Web Content Management

Our developers utilize WordPress features to program comprehensive Web Content Management Systems (WCMS) including web page creation tools, SEO management, Mobile First design, rules-based publishing, version control, and electronic forms (e-forms). Our WCMS solutions also include website management features such as visitor tracking, demographics / targeting, user behavior analysis, device detection, real-time data, live chat tools, conversions tracking, multi-site management, and more.


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