XML Application Development

End-to-End Development Services for Custom LabCorp Integration Solutions


XML Application Development

XML Application Integration

We use XML, as well as XHTML, to program applications with extensive database storage capabilities, platform and version interoperability, seamless data access and transport, high availability, and reliable in-memory operations to create, request, and transform data, in addition to validating it against W3C standards. We use XML when programming cross-platform mobile apps, single-page web apps, simple APIs, and mission-critical enterprise apps.

XML Schema Validation and Design

Development of schema constraints using XML schema languages, including Document Type Definition (DTD), RELAX NG, Schematron, XML Schema Definition (XSD), CSS, and Namespace Routing Language (NRL). Implementation of automatic code generators and data binders to render Java, C#, C++, and Visual Basic class files for defined data elements, attributes, enumerations, libraries, and namespaces.

AJAX Programming with XML

We integrate AJAX (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) controls into callbacks and postbacks in order to build highly responsive, user-friendly websites and web applications capable of updating elements (such as predictive text, session values, advanced search filters, and webforms) without disrupting the user experience.

XML Programming Services

Our custom XML services include automation validation, error handling, and XPath expression engineering, as well as custom development of XML editors, compilers, data mappers, processors, and DOM/SAX parsers. We build XML tools with seamless validation capabilities, schema-aware intellisence, user-friendly interfaces, helpful visualizations, XSD inferences, and Visual Studio integration. We also program and debug XQuery modules and WSDL docs.

XML Mapping Services

Our XML developers map, integrate, and generate mapping code for data derived from flat text files, Excel, EDI, web services, databases, CSV, and JSON files. We also generate mapping code for Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT) which converts XML documents to HTML, plain text, objects, script, PNG, and PDF.

XML Reporting and Enterprise Solutions

We automate reports using XML and XBRL to visually display multiple data types on customizable dashboards. We use HTML, RTF/Word, and PDF output processes to design custom reports and style sheets that are comprehensive, accurate, easily archived, and offer extensive compare/contrast options. We also use XML schemas to build enterprise Service Oriented Architectures (SOA).

Satina provides remote global support. We scale IT teams with the industries best XML developers, engineers, programmers, architects, and consultants to configure, modify and deploy company projects. Our knowledgeable team of industry professionals provide scalable, on-demand support using XML development and modification service. Our experienced software teams develop applications for startups companies and scale small-medium and enterprises-size businesses to provide temporary modification/integration support written XML.

Areas of Expertise: XML Language Environments & Libraries…

Altova XMLSpy

We model, edit, and debug XML code programmed into all varieties of apps using Altova’s XMLSpy. These tools include validation checks for XQuery, XSLY, WSDL, and XBRL, among other XML standards.


We perform a wide range of XML development and maintenance services using Eclipse’s XML tools. Our Eclipse XML solutions include XQuery assistance, auto-validation, DTD editing, and namespace organization.

Liquid Studio

Utilization of Liquid Studio’s massive file editor, data mapper, web services toolkit, XML/JSON schema editors, and XML data binder (with support for Java, Silverlight, Visual basic, C#, and C++).

Oracle XDK

Integration of robust XML code for apps built on Java, C, and C++ using Oracle’s XML Developer Kit (XDK). We leverage the power of Oracle’s parser, schema processor, XSLT virtual machine, and XSQL servlet.

We use the IDE and its highly responsive editor to design XML schemas and transformation pipelines. Includes support for a wide range of XML databases, such as eXist, Oracle Berkeley, and MarkLogic.

Stylus Studio

Development of efficient, performance driven web apps with Stylus Studio’s support for EDI, enterprise-specific web services, pipeline architectures, publishers, schema-awareness, and XSLT/XQuery profilers.


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