Wearable Technology Software Development Solutions


Wearable Apps of Satina that Won't Wear Out

Satina strives to write wearable technology software that enables apps to process and capture device sensors seamlessly (both haptic and visual), perform with facilitating bi-directional M2M data exchanges, minimal battery usage, conveniently visualize obtained data also respond to environmental feedback and intuitive controls.

Wearable Technology Software Solutions

Satina program software for different wearable-optimized IoT microcontrollers consists of those developed by Arduino, ARM, StitchKit and Adafruit. Satina boasts programmers who specialize in languages commonly used in wearable technology software (Embedded Java, Swift, C, C++), able to easily integrate Bluetooth and NFC functionality and understand wearable tech trends which utilized in several verticals (gaming, retail, healthcare, and more).

Fitness Wearables Solutions

Satina develops fitness wearable software for activity trackers (mostly armbands and wrist) that monitor heart rate, blood pressure, sleep patterns, steps have taken, and much other information. Satina builds corresponding web and mobile apps with custom-designed dashboards which input additional wellness and fitness data could be used (mental health self-assessments, calories consumed, exercises performed)

Lifestyle Wearable Applications

The experts of Satina create lifestyle wearable for devices like LED smart clothing, Bluetooth headsets, HUDs, smartwatches and glasses that architecture easily integrates with that caters to social media, media, e-learning and of course, platforms also.

Satina’s Industrial Wearables Solutions

Satina creates industrial data management solutions like employee and equipment tracking systems and using custom software applications. Integrated CRM technologies and Facial recognition software provide granted, and permissions access to authorization solutions. Usage of Radio Frequency Identification Data (RFID)in essential fob scanner software provides wearables solutions for inventory also human capital management systems. Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Implementation of Supervisory Control as a database management systems enable access to facilitate, transfer, and monitor data remotely while aboard.

Smartwatch App Development

Satina has experience building applications for many popular smartwatch operating systems, including Wear OS (Android),watchOS (for Apple), Ubuntu Touch and AsteroidOS, among others. Satina develops apps for wellness and fitness, audio/video communications, emergency services, news/social media, productivity tracking, gaming, and more. Satina is also able to convert traditional mobile apps into smartwatch-optimized.

Safety and Security Wearable Software

Satina’s safety and security wearable software solutions support security devices which facial, facilitate biometric fingerprinting and voice recognition also applications for one-touch emergency contact and alert for services

Healthcare and Medical Wearables

Satina, in this wearables develops firmware for wearable tech used outside and inside of patient treatment environments. Satina uses these wearable telehealth technologies like EKGs to update patients’ EHR (Electronic Health Records) in real-time. Satina can also program software used in wearable surgical aids such as VR headsets.



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